web site design, reno nevada, business, e-commerce nternetbiz web site design web site design, reno nevada, business, e-commerce
web site design, reno nevada, business, e-commerce

Web Site Promotion

Nternetbiz Web Site Design prides itself on building professional web sites that accomplish their purpose. Many companies stop here and wait for people to come flocking to their site. However, because of the size of the Internet, in reality most people will not be able to find you without a little web site promotion. 

In order for a web site to be worthwhile, people must visit. For this to happen, a certain amount of advertising must be done. Nternetbiz Web Site Design offers three main types of advertising.

Search Engine Submittal
Search engines such as Yahoo! and Excite are the most common way for people to find your web site. Nternetbiz Web Site Design can edit your web site for best performance in these search engines. We also re-submit your site semi-annually to ensure maximum exposure.

Banner Advertising
The next logical step beyond search engine submittal is banner advertising.  Nternetbiz Web Site Design will custom design a banner that will capture your customer's eye.  We will then help you to place your ad on sites that will drive customers to your site.

Print Advertising
Although advertising in a completely different medium may sound odd to you, most people still use many traditional media. The best way to reach these people is through newspaper ads, pamphlets, handouts, and mailings.

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