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web site design, reno nevada, business, e-commerce

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In July of 1995, Rick Saake began building plans to form, fund, and launch a web design company, based on great people and top notch technology. As the founder of Nternetbiz, he desired to create a profitable company around colleagues who would be equipped and feel empowered to perform in their own unique, high-performance, high-satisfaction work environment. Nternetbiz is committed to fostering a culture that values and is built on the diversity, experience, and talent of every worker. Everyone that works for Nternetbiz has their own primary job separate than that of Nternetbiz, and we select only the best in their fields to do work for us on a contract by contract basis. This allows other companies to train and advance our workers expertise, lowering our costs and allowing us to give you top notch designing, without passing on basic employment costs.

This unique work environment begins with an open-door/open-company policy that encourages input, free discussion, and the value of new ideas. Lunches are the standard for Nternetbiz web developers. The lunches facilitate the sharing of technology, challenges, and ideas. The bottom line is that we enjoy and share serious fun, high ethical standards, recognition, and job satisfaction. Family values such as integrity, hard work, and dedication have been established as an integral part of Nternetbiz. We know that families are part of our "family", and are always encouraged to participate. Families have supported Nternetbiz's efforts to help the community, by participating in food drives, non-profit site building, and by volunteering their expertise to both local and national non-profit organizations.

Working together, we build, enhance, support, sell, and market our products and services making Nternetbiz a leader in web site design.

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